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Doulton ICP Water Treatment

For over 150 years, Doulton Water Filters have delivered clean and healthy drinking water. Today Doulton Water Treatment Sytems provide point of use purification of pollution for residential and commercial premises in 140 countries worldwide, serving the needs of millions of people every day. 
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  • Increased flow rates
  • Increased capacity
  • LCD flow meter
  • LCD Candle capacity meter
  • Proven removal levels of water borne contaminants
  • Absolute filtration to 0.9 micron (99.99% @ 0.9 micron)

The Doulton name has become synonymous with quality and water purity.

Ceramic Filtration
    - A proven system

Ceramic filtration systems are regarded as the most cost effective and proven methods of water filtration, effectively removing water borne contaminants and providing clean, healthy drinking water.

Doulton Water Filters' commitment to providing the very best in ceramic drinking water filtration systems has led to the development of the new Doulton ICP counter top unit. This unit combines eye catching design with the latest advances in technology.

State of the art design

lcd capacity meterAesthetics have not been a high priority in water filter design. The Doulton ICP changes this. State of the art design and modeling techniques have been used to ensure that this filter is as eye catching as it is effective.

But, advances in design are not just confined to the filter housing. A new Candle size has been specially developed to improve capacity and maintain Doulton Water Filters exacting levels of filtration capability.

Unrivalled Performance - and that's a fact

Doulton ICP water filters incorporate the very latest advances in filtration technology to deliver clean and healthy drinking water - delivering real improvements in performance including:

flow-rate-chart.jpg (21274 bytes)

  • Latest ergonomic design
  • New Candle size
  • Increased flow rates
  • Increased capacity
  • LCD flowmeter
  • LCD Candle capacity meter
  • Proven removal levels of water borne contaminants
  • Absolute filtration to 0.9 micron (>99.99% @ 0.9 micron).

Contamination of drinking water takes many forms and it is vital that any claims made by manufacturers about their products are fully supported by independent test results.

Doulton water filters are submitted to rigorous test procedures. On site tests measure long term product performance and some of the world's leading independent laboratories, including NSF in Michigan USA and Hyder and WRc in the UK, verify all performance claims.

All this means that, as with every Doulton water filter, the ICP provides unrivalled performance backed by independent research.




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